Infrastructure Projects

Harbour Town Docklands

Harbourtown Shopping Centre – Escalator and Suspended Walkway Additions  - Builder -Hansen Yuncken

Problem - Very limited access, Shopping Complex open all hours, Contaminated Fill over Coode Island Silt - 30m long Piles

Solution - Small Excavator , Segmented screw piles in 3m sections to bedrock

The project required adding escalators and walkways to  an existing  mix of retail, residential, commercial, and entertainment facilities, spread across 4 buildings ranging from 2 two-storey structures.

The new footings required a piled solution through 2 metres of contaminated fill and then 20 metres of Coode Island Silt to found on weathered rock at almost 30 metres in depth. Piling Systems provided the most cost effective solution to the client with screw piles of short 3 metre sections bolted together, which negated any spoil removal , and eliminated any vibration .     

In addition to the construction constraints were the rigorous Occupational , Health , Safety and Environment requirements as well as Code Compliance requirements  .

Due to the height and size constraints , a 13 tonne excavator was utilised . The machine  was small and agile enough to track between pad locations without disturbing patrons,  to install piles that supported the new footings.  

The completed project improved the trafficability of the shopping centre for  customers and retailers alike.



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